The GAP contracted Ditto to redesign a distinctive black paper GAP display with subtle clear varnish branding. The new Ditto Displays reflected the look of their old wood hangers, yet made with recycled material. Ditto also created RED Displays for Sale items. The GAP is one of the first companies to take advantage of the color potential of the Ditto Display. The color coding of the Displays allow the GAP customer to quickly identify sales items, transforming the hanger into a communica- tion device and doing away with unnecessary signage.


Ditto designed proprietary displays for Acorn’s product line that effectively communicated their commitment to sustainability and style. The new design took up 91.70% less space to ship and warehouse than the previous model. Made of 100% recycled paperboard the Ditto Dis- play cost about the same as the previous hanger. Ship- ping flat and easily assembled at the factory, the new display unified the entire Acorn product lineup with Ditto’s unique styling. Acorns sales increased by 30% the year Ditto hangers were introduced in 2010.


USA: h2hotel

Ditto’s 17” Multi-Use Paper Display is used in all 36 rooms of the h2 hotel. Branded with the h2 hotel logo, the Ditto Paper Displays communicate elegance, simplicity, environmentalism and innovation. The h2hotel liked the fact that the Ditto Displays made a simple and quiet statement about the hotel’s commitment to ecological design and hospitality. Many guests have liked the Ditto Displays so much they have taken home the branded hangers. The h2 hotel is now selling 5-Packs of the branded Ditto Displays to their guests in their gift shop to remind them of their stay at the hotel.