Custom Design


The power of branding with Ditto

One of the strengths of Ditto hangers is the possibility to burn a brand(name), clothing line and/or company in a unique and innovative way. The Ditto paper hanger redefines the hanger as a product that can be used as a marketing and sales tool. Our paper hanger goes back to the customer’s house, where the burnt result has an extra effect on the consumer at home. In the past it stopped in the shop whereas now you can continue the campaign, advertising and/or style to the consumer’s wardrobe or residence.

More than just a hanger

What really distinguishes Ditto hangers from all other hangers, is the opportunity which we offer outside our standard range to have your own exclusive/personal hanger designed. The Ditto paper coat-hanger can be edited in various ways. Examples are embossing, screen printing, foil stamping, punching, laser cutting and laminating paper.. With an experienced team of designers over the years we have become experts in designing custom designed hangers that fit your company and brand. For questions about our design program, please feel free to contact us.